Purchase-2-Pay Process Mining

Excellence Plan

The SCALUE® Excellence plan increases your process efficiency by visualizing how your processes really work and identifies bottleneck and root causes as well as incompliant processes. You will benefit from a worldwide unique combination of procurement analytics and process mining. Get insights from both, the strategic and operational perspective in procurement.

Common Use Cases

Make the best out of your procurement data.

Optimize Processes

Procurement organizations need clarity and visibility of the process landscape. In order to identify the weak spots and the potentials for optimization the traceability of your P2P processes is the key.

Harmonize Your P2P Processes

You want to optimize your process structure? Identify your happy path and eliminate inefficient sub-processes like paper work or loops within the whole Purchase-to-Pay process.

Detect Bottlenecks

You are not satisfied with lead times? Filter out bottlenecks and focus on time-consuming sub-processes to shorten your delivery process.

Ensure Compliance

You are facing an audit? Compare and stabilize your processes to confirm or increase consistency and performance within your procurement organization.

Increase Productivity

Lean and intelligent processes are the key to high productivity in companies. However, these should be permanently monitored and subject to a continuous improvement process.

Reduce Process Costs

You need to lower your costs? Ensure lean P2P processes, as these have an immediate impact on your procurement costs.

Increase Ressource Efficiency

You don't have time for strategic work? Free your procurement organization from inefficient sub-processes and unnecessary tasks.

Focus On Pressing Issues

You don't have the time to complete all tasks? Identify the key issues that are causing bottlenecks, effort and costs.

Subscription Overview

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The entry plan to categorize unstructured procurement data and to get total spend transparency.

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The recommended plan to additionally track your actions and to turn ideas into real P&L effective savings.

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The right plan to deep-dive into your Purchase-2-Pay processes for minimizing risks and to avoid inefficiencies.

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