Transparency & Categorization

Essentials Plan

The SCALUE® Essentials plan is the entry plan that enables procurement organizations to (re-)categorize spend volume and to achieve total spend transparency.

Common Use Cases

Make the most out of your procurement data.


Procurement organizations need transparency about the total spend volume to achieve operational excellence. Transparency is the main key to identify savings opportunities and to increase your EBIT.

Analyze Direct & Indirect Spend

You have a complex procurement structure with many suppliers or thousands of invoices? Analyze all your data from purchase requests to payments for a detailed total spend overview.

Monitor Your KPIs Continuously

You need a lot of time to create monthly or weekly reports? Focus on strategic work while your reporting is updated automatically with each data refresh.

Detect Maverick Buying

You want to get your spend under control, but spend volume is also caused by many other departments? Take over the driver's seat and manage your spend throughout several perspectives.

Categorize & Cluster Data

No company has perfect data quality. Focus on the relevant procurement data you need to get important analytics insights about your total spend.

Consolidate Suppliers

You have some suppliers that belong to a larger parent corporate and want to analyze the complete package? Build a supplier cluster or container and negotiate the consolidated spend volume.

Build Your Category Tree

You have no category tree or need to restructure your existing material groups? Allocate e.g. suppliers, materials or invoices and general ledgers to your material group structure or build a new one.

Subscription Overview

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*** Essentials ***

The entry plan to categorize unstructured procurement data and to get total spend transparency.

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The recommended plan to additionally track your actions and to turn ideas into real P&L effective savings.

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The right plan to deep-dive into your Purchase-2-Pay processes for minimizing risks and to avoid inefficiencies.

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