Boost your EBIT

Automated Procurement Analytics to Save Time & Money

Procurement organizations make important decisions every day based on incomplete data that have a direct impact on the income statement. The current practice and usage of procurement analytics is non-precise and time-consuming. As the result, a lot of unrealized monetary savings and a high level of process inefficiency are burried within the companies.

What are the common challenges?

Turn Data into Impact

Identify Hidden Savings Potentials And Boost Your Company's EBIT

Total spend transparency is the key to improve your strategic decision-making and is the foundation to focus on the most valuable issues.

Get Your Spend Under Control To Raise Your Bargaining Power in Negotiations

Well structured, categorized and consolidated procurement data are essential for the success of negotiations and any kind of optimization initiatives.

Strengthen The Competitive Contribution Of Purchasing Through Insights

Unify all of your purchasing activities throughout the company to improve your spend management and to reduce e.g. maverick buying.

Improve Your Procurement Processes To Ensure A Secure And Stable Supply Chain

Achieve a sustainable competetive advantage through strong and durable processes and reduce the company's exposure to supply chain risks.

Save Time And Valuable Resources By Using Our API For Automated Data Processing

An ERP connector takes over time-consuming data preparation (Extract, Transform, Load) and secures consistent calculation logics and data integrity.

Turn Ideas Into Savings And Track Your Initiatives To Realize P&L Success

In order to achieve the best EBIT results based on your initiatives, it is necessary to define responsibilities and to control and track optimization measures via degrees of hardness.

Detect inefficiencies and bottlenecks with Purchase-2-Pay Process Mining

With our worldwide unique combination of Procurement Analytics and Process Mining (P2P) you get a strategic and operational view on procurement to evaluate synergies and causes within a powerful visualization.

Never loose track on your performance through continuous monitoring

Reach procurement goals smarter and faster with functionalities that will automate your reports with pre-defined bookmarks or share insights with your team.

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