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The Procurement Analytics Platform

Enabling procurement teams with use case-driven results to accelerate decision-making and to boost the companies' EBIT.


Next Generation
Procurement Analytics

Our use case-driven SaaS solution enables procurement teams to accelerate decision-making. Save time & money with an intuitive and ready-to-use application. Empower your team with additional SCALUE® eLearning tutorials and realize a return on investment from day one.

Get Total Spend Transparency

Analyze indirect & direct spend throughout purchase requests, purchase orders, goods receipts, invoices, payments and more.

Cluster & Categorize Data

Consolidate your spend volume, detect intercompany business, categorize e.g. suppliers and materials or restructure your category tree.

Reduce Maverick Buying

Identify invoices without a purchase order and get your spend under control.

Optimize Processes

Reveal inefficient Purchase-to-Pay processes and reduce process costs.

Minimize Risks

A single point of source and a homogeneous calculation logic enables valid & consistent analytics throughout your procurement organization.

Increase Liquidity

Analyze & control material costs as well as outliers in time and uncover savings potentials.

Ensure P&L Success

Track your initiatives and turn ideas & potentials in to savings to boost your EBIT.

Accelerate Decision-Making

Define, execute and monitor your actions to increase efficiency in procurement.

How does it work?

APIs for simple data integrations

Limited IT resources? No time to start complex projects? Perfect!
Lean back and relax while we take care of the data preparation for you.

Plug & Play

We offer a wide range of connectors for the most common ERP and eProcurement systems. For this reason we work in a very resource-efficient way with regard to your IT right from the start and avoid unnecessary long-term IT projects.

Automated ETL Processes

The first step is to connect our APIs to your procurement data. Then your data is automatically transformed into a standardized target format and loaded into the application. It's really simple to get started.

What's in for you?

Uncover hidden potentials and optimize costs & processes with ease.

Save Time
Save Money
Boost Performance

“Procurement Analytics is the next step, replacing legacy spend cubes and bringing a new dimension to procurement organizations in terms of total spend transparency, process efficiency, automation, savings and maverick buying.”

Dr. Ulrich Piepel
Dr. Ulrich Piepel
Senior Advisor of Boston Consulting Group & SAP ARIBA, former CPO of RWE

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