Partnership May 5th, 2023 Announcement of a strategic partnership with Scoutbee
Samir Kharkan
Samir Kharkan


Scoutbee drives better business outcomes by giving companies the actionable insights they need to perfect the supply base and advance strategic initiatives, such as risk management, ESG and innovation. The Scoutbee Intelligence Platform (SIP) uses graph technology and predictive and prescriptive analytics to deliver holistic supplier visibility that helps procurement make confident supplier decisions, drive cross-functional efficiency, and optimize their existing technology investments. Scoutbee’s AI-powered data foundation connects teams to any data point – internal, external, third-party, and more – and any data combination necessary to orchestrate a resilient, competitive, and sustainable supply base.

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SCALUE® is a SaaS platform for procurement analytics. Our solution creates transparency in purchasing and identifies monetary and process-related savings potentials for a sustainable increase in EBIT at the push of a button. SCALUE® also enables a holistic analysis of the most relevant use cases for purchasing. The plug & play solution can be connected directly to the ERP system(s) and offers a parallel connection to classic spreadsheets. Achieve your purchasing goals faster and more efficiently and increase purchasing performance.

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