We take your EBIT to the next level with Procurement Analytics

SCALUE® is a German SaaS company based in the wonderful media harbour of Düsseldorf. This is the place where our headquarter is located and the idea of SCALUE GmbH was born. From there we are in touch with the big IT, Industry and Consulting companies to develop state-of-the-art software solutions.

About Us

The company was founded by Samir Kharkan and Thomas Teichmann, who both have decades of practical experience in operational and strategic roles in procurement organizations and supply chain management consultancies. At SCALUE® a powerful advisory board and an outstanding global team continuously work on building the number one best-of-breed solution for use-case-driven Procurement Analytics.

What we do

We support procurement organizations to uncover hidden EBIT potentials, activate the necessary levers and realize P&L effective savings.

Our Vision

SCALUE® strives to become buyers' first choice for Procurement Analytics to optimize costs & processes.

Our Mission

We enable procurement teams to make better decisions through automated analysis.

Our Goal

Each purchasing organization increases the performance with our use case-driven SaaS platform.

Procurement & Technology expertise

The importance of technology and data insights is ever-increasing. But what if procurement knowledge and strategic logics are missing? This is why our solution has a use case-driven approach with a lot of embedded practical experience. SCALUE® Procurement Analytics is the next generation toolkit for procurement organizations, perfectly integrated in the existing IT landscape. Our best-of-breed solution complements ERP systems, BI software or Spreadsheets as an add-on with powerful analytics.

Why we involve procurement professionals in development?

Early involvement of the purchasing function in the product development process, so called Advanced Purchasing, is exactly what we already do in the early stage of any new development. It is important to build the logic from a buyer's perspective, cover the use cases and also meet their needs within the user interface. Thanks to the many years of experience in procurement controlling & consulting of our team this allows us to serve this crucial part of procurement software development.

Why do we have extraordinary IT competence in-house?

Our team of excellent IT professionals continuously work on extending our clients’ experience by constantly adding new functionalities to our solution. However, it is a big challenge to meet the purchasing and IT perspectives in a sophisticated data model and to ensure a corresponding flexibility of the analyzes. That's why we have both, developers with purchasing experience and professionals who have already developed world-leading BI solutions.

Meet the team

The faces behind who make the magic happen.

Job Opportunities

Let's grow together

SCALUE® is a fast growing company. We are looking for smart people with passion and exciting skills to strenghten our team.