Partnership April 22nd, 2022 Strategic Partnership Announcement SCALUE x VOQUZ Labs
Thomas Teichmann
Thomas Teichmann

We are proud to announce the new strategic partnership with VOQUZ Labs.

Martin Koegel, CEO VOQUZ Labs:
"When asked about what we actually do at VOQUZ Labs the shortest possible answer is: we save money for SAP customers. And we do this on a global scale, serving customers from more than 50 countries worldwide. One part of our strategy is to find new products that deliver additional value to our international customer base and offer those products an easy way to have them marketed and distributed globally. With SCALUE, a recognized SAP partner, we have found a perfect match for that very strategy. The implementation of the tool is highly standardized, reliable, and easy to accomplish. Their pre-built Data Analysis capabilities lead to a rapid ROI. In short: we can now help our customers save even more money."

‍SCALUE® is a SaaS platform for procurement analytics. Our solution creates transparency in purchasing and identifies monetary and process-related savings potential at the push of a button to sustainably increase EBIT. SCALUE® also enables a holistic analysis of the most relevant use cases for purchasing. The plug & play solution can be connected directly to the ERP system(s) and offers a parallel connection to classic spreadsheets. Achieve your purchasing goals faster and more efficiently and increase purchasing performance.

Thomas Teichmann, Co-Founder SCALUE:
"The demand for analytics for purchasing in the SAP environment is huge. With VOQUZ Labs, we have now gained a strategic partner that can demonstrate a considerable track record with its expertise in the area of digital transformation. The global orientation also fits perfectly with our expansion plans. But common strategic goals are only one thing. Sharing a common vision of how to put the customer first and become more successful as a team is the additional icing on the cake of this collaboration we are very much looking forward to!"

About VOQUZ Labs AG:
‍The company is a leading software manufacturer for SAP License, Authorization & Compliance Management. It develops standard software for license and user management in the SAP field and offers the solutions samQ License Optimizer for SAP® Software, setQ Authorization Manager for SAP® Software, bundled with high-quality advisory services on the topic of license consulting worldwide. VOQUZ Labs AG (ISIN DE000A3CSTW4) is listed in the direct market plus segment of the Vienna Stock Exchange.

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