Blog June 10th, 2020 Strategic Partnership Announcement SCALUE x targetP!
Rubina Hatziparassidis
Rubina Hatziparassidis

SCALUE, the world's only provider of a SaaS platform that combines the procurement topics of spend analytics, process mining and initiative controlling in a single solution, is now entering into a strategic partnership with the consulting firm targetP! agile procurement enabled (Berlin/Atlanta).

"The cooperation with the procurement consultancy targetP! allows us to better understand the challenges that medium-sized companies are currently facing. This will enable us to further improve our solution and adapt it even better to the requirements of today's economic situation."
Thomas Teichmann, Co-Founder of SCALUE GmbH

"This combination of digital solution and practice-oriented implementation provides procurement with a future-proof package for a rapid and sustainable increase in efficiency and performance. Together, we optimize the necessary processes and structures and ensure successful implementation and anchoring in day-to-day business."
Jan-Henner Theissen, Founder of targetP!

targetP! provides procurement organizations with hands-on, practice-oriented support for restructuring and transformation projects, crisis and risk management, interim mandates, and the digitization of procurement structures, supply chains, and networks based on extensive management and procurement experience in leading industrial companies. targetP! consistently separates value levers from air bubbles and thus takes procurement to the next level.

SCALUE® is a SaaS platform for procurement analytics. Our solution creates transparency in purchasing and identifies monetary and process-related savings potential at the push of a button to sustainably increase EBIT. SCALUE® also enables a holistic analysis of the most relevant use cases for purchasing. The plug & play solution can be connected directly to the ERP system(s) and offers a parallel connection to classic spreadsheets. Achieve your purchasing goals faster and more efficiently and increase purchasing performance.

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