Event July 7th, 2023 Procurement Summit 2023
Eros Vecchio
Eros Vecchio

Our visit to the Procurement Summit 2023

v.l. Samir Kharkan, Dr.Ulrich Piepel, Rubina Hatziparassidis

What was it about?

We from Scalue enthusiastically participated in the Procurement Summit 2023 in Hamburg. This unique event focused on digitalization and innovation in procurement, providing us with the perfect platform to engage with other industry experts and discover the latest trends and developments.

As exhibitors, we had the opportunity to showcase our expertise and innovative solutions to a wide audience. Our booth was manned by Samir Kharkan and Rubina Hatziparassidis. On the second day of the event, we conducted a masterclass presentation titled "Beyond Savings: Maverick Buying as a Driver for Compliance, ESG, and Supply Chain Due Diligence Laws - A Guide for Procurement Directors and CFOs." Over 100 participants attended the lecture and gained practical insights.

It was inspiring to witness how, together with other industry leaders, we can shape the future of procurement.

Please request the original presentation from the Procurement Summit for free.

Samir Kharkan during his masterclass presentation.

What did you miss?

Another highlight was the daily raffles at our booth, where participants had the chance to win a €100 Amazon gift card. To enter, visitors had to estimate the average percentage of Maverick Buying in Germany.

We would like to extend our heartfelt congratulations to the lucky winners. The enthusiasm and joy of the participants during the raffles were clearly evident.

Picture 1: v.l. Samir Kharkan, Sarah Hensel, Rubina Hatziparassidis Picture 2: v.l. Samir Kharkan, Lea Kolb, Ronja Boller, Rubina Hatziparassidis

We were delighted not only by the professional content but also by the relaxed and professional atmosphere of the event. The organizers came up with something fantastic for the evening program. They provided plenty of entertainment with a beer pong tournament and table football.

Another highlight was the performance by Oli P., who created an amazing atmosphere with his music. It was fantastic to enjoy his energetic performance and dance, sing, and celebrate together with the other participants.

Our Team with Oli P.

Why should you visit us at the next event?

Die Teilnahme am Procurement Summit 2023 war für Scalue ein voller Erfolg. Wir haben sehr viele Gespräche über das Thema Transparenz im Einkauf und Einkaufsperformance Messung geführt. Es zeigt, dass sehr viele innovative und Umsetzer an dem Procurement Summit teilnehmen. Wir konnten nicht nur zahlreiche neue Kontakte knüpfen, sondern auch bestehende Geschäftsbeziehungen mit unseren Kunden weiter vertiefen.

v.l. Mete Yildizoglu (Ludwig Meister), Samir Kharkan

It is worth mentioning our partnership with Scoutbee, with whom we had a joint booth. The exchange of expertise and collaboration with them enriched our experience at the event. Visitors to our booth were able to get their hands on the latest version of "101 Measures Against Maverick Buying."

Would you like to secure a free electronic copy? Request it here.

Picture 1:Samir Kharkan, Rubina Hatziparassidis, [Veronika Кalashnikova], Tobias Rass, Michaela Schäfer, Gernot Schüssler scoutbee Picture 2: Gregor Stühler und Samir Kharkan

We are now eagerly looking forward to the Procurement Summit 2024 and would like to urge everyone to save the date. This event not only offers valuable insights and networking opportunities but also a relaxed and professional atmosphere where creative ideas and innovative solutions in procurement can be presented.

Thank you Paulina Krösch, Sebastian Sachs and the whole Procurement Summit Team!

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