Interview May 31st, 2023 Interview with Hanno Dettlof from dettlofconsulting
Rubina Hatziparassidis
Rubina Hatziparassidis

Mr. Dettlof, what is 3E blended learning and how does it differ from other training methods in the field of procurement management?

3E blended learning is a personal development approach that combines various teaching methods to enable flexible and highly effective learning. It includes the use of both virtual and in-person training, coaching sessions, and practical exercises. The goal is to provide tailored and role-specific training as needed. Compared to traditional training methods in procurement management, 3E blended learning offers participants a greater learning transfer and the opportunity to integrate training into their professional lives more effectively, based on our experience.

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What are the benefits of 3E blended learning for companies in the procurement management sector?

3E blended learning offers companies an attractive cost-benefit ratio for training measures, as well as added value in personnel development. In addition to booking individual seminars from the annual program, companies can select or compile "learning paths" from this modular offering. These learning paths can be completed in-house over a period of 6-12 months. This creates a qualification concept for procurement that enables continuous learning and addresses the roles in procurement such as "Operational Procurement," "Supplier Manager," "Lead Buyer," and so on.

How does dettlofconsulting support companies in implementing 3E blended learning, and what experience have you had with this method?

We offer comprehensive support to companies in implementing 3E blended learning, including a needs analysis in preliminary workshops, and we can also provide training content ourselves. dettlofconsulting is part of an expert network, with a core team composed of supply chain management experts from Kiel University of Applied Sciences, led by Prof. Dr. Lorenzen, as well as experienced colleagues from the fields of procurement management, law, negotiation, global sourcing, cost management, and more. Our experience clearly shows that practical questions can be answered, and results can be immediately applied. This contributes to customer satisfaction, as well as the strong focus on maximal 3-hour units. Additionally, we have observed a very positive effect on team development in the procurement sector among in-house customers.

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How do you measure the success of 3E Blended Learning and is it possible to conduct an ROI calculation?

We measure the success of 3E Blended Learning through a standard evaluation that analyzes the feedback from the participants. However, the crucial factor for this concept is the implementation rate of the training content. By integrating a practical part into the 3E concept, the measurement of the implementation is continually possible. If a learning path with many modules is used, a final event with short presentations by the participants is mandatory. The focus here is on how and which learning content has led to direct benefits.

Specifically, participants report effects such as price defense through better negotiation preparation, better contracts by eliminating unfavorable clauses, optimized specifications for software contracts, or improvement in current supplier evaluation processes. From our perspective, an attractive ROI is always given.

How long do the 3E Blended Learning trainings last, and what can companies expect from collaborating with dettlofconsulting?

The duration of a 3E Blended Learning module consists of 2 units of 3 hours each at the beginning and end. These units are usually offered virtually but can also be done in person upon agreement. Between these units, participants work on a practical task. The time period varies between 3 and 5 weeks. In this period, participants can also avail themselves of telephone coaching.

dettlofconsulting's many years of experience in procurement and 15 years of experience in procurement training guarantee customers targeted advice when selecting modules or learning paths.

With all seminars by dettlofconsulting and colleagues, participants can rely on "best practice" examples and our focus is always on practicability and applicability.

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