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SCALUE ® The Procurement Management Suite

Discover the full potential in your procurement.

DataHEALTH ™ – Data Cleansing & Categorization

This module is ideally suited to clean up the master data essential for well-founded analyses and to categorize your purchasing data. Create a new material group structure or consolidate your purchasing volume using appropriate clustering options.
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What is this module used for?

  • restructuring of material group & category trees

  • strategic bundling of purchasing volume

  • grouping of affiliated companies

  • clustering of heterogeneous purchasing structures (ERP systems, locations, etc.)

  • restructuring and control of historically grown structures

Spend Analytics for tomorrow’s procurement.

SpendFLOW ™ – Total Spend Analytics

With SCALUE you get deep insights into your total spend volume. Analyze your direct and indirect costs within seconds.
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Costs & Processes

SCALUE identifies the performance killer. Discover your monetary and process optimization potentials at the touch of a button.
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Agile Procurement Analytics

SCALUE transforms standard analyzes into highly agile, strategic control centers. Networked structures will give you a new action perspective and full efficiency in procurement.
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Strategy & Structure

SCALUE digitizes the know-how of the leading industrial and consulting companies. Use best-in-practice tools & methods in your procurement.
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Worldwide unique efficiency in just one solution.

ProcessVIEW ™ – Process Mining

SCALUE reveals how your purchasing processes really work. Eliminate inefficiencies and reduce maverick buying, lead times and your use of resources.
Most powerful in combination with SpendFLOW™!

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Accelerate the realization process and track your initiatives.

ActionHUB ™ – Initiative Controlling

SCALUE also supports you in turning potentials into real savings. Record your initiatives in ActionHUB™, define responsibilities and measure the corresponding degrees of hardness.
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What does initiative controlling offer?

  • centralized control of all initiatives
  • project management with responsibilities & timeline
  • track project status with degrees of hardness
  • degree of implementation
  • make savings measurable